class descriptions


'ALL-LEVELS' class is a combined class for beginner and more experienced members. Offered several times each week. No prior experience is necessary. For beginners, this class will introduce the basic movements and training concepts of 'hard style' kettlebell training in a safe and effective way. More experienced members will be performing similar exercises with appropriate progressions for their skill level. 


DBK 'SKILL SUNDAY' is offered every other Sunday. Open to ALL LEVELS. This class will focus on practicing particular skills or movements that will inform a better experience in the day-to-day workouts, with emphasis on efficiency, competency, and eventually, mastery. This class is run more like an open gym format, and will include specific mobility, warmup, and drills that will help you perform complex skills with strength, control, proper breathing, and appropriate timing. skill examples: mobility work, breath control, one hand/two hand and double bell swings, cleans, presses, TGUs, snatches, push presses, jerks, double kb skills, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.. This class will help you get your skills dialed and will directly carry over to the work you do in the regular classes. Often attended by 2 coaches.


In Fall 2019 we will be introducing a DKB ADVANCED level class, (2 evenings per week). This class level will require meeting specific advanced Hard-style skills standards and approval by a coach. It will be demanding and challenging class but will be suitable for those with the requisite skills.