class descriptions


'ALL-LEVELS' class is a combined class for beginner and more experienced members. Offered several times each week. No prior experience is necessary. For beginners, this class will introduce the basic movements and training concepts of 'hard style' kettlebell training in a safe and effective way. More experienced members will be performing similar exercises with appropriate progressions for their skill level. 



The 'Simple & Sinister Sunday' class will include a specific swing/TGU-focused program each week**, as well as an 'open gym' option, and a mobility option. Coaching will be available for whatever option you choose.

The Mobility option for this class will be a combination of soft tissue and movement work, drawing from a variety of disciplines. (Ground Force, StrongFirst drills, Kinstretch, Body Tempering, etc) These are systems we draw from for our daily mobility work - but the Sunday class will give you an opportunity to explore some of those modalities more intently, and enhance your recovery practice - something we all can use a little more of, and often don't give enough time to. Better recovery practice = better training!

Come train any Sunday at DKB and work thru the S&S program with us, the mobility option for the day, or you can choose to work on any specific skill that you would like to get more proficient with. We can help! Want to learn/get better at KB snatches? Barbell or Trap Bar deadlifts? Pull-ups? Sunday is a great day to do it! This class is open to all levels. If you are new to the gym - its a great way to dial in the basics!

**"Simple & Sinister" is a staple program in our training arsenal, designed by Pavel Tsatsouline, StrongFirst founder and Chairman. The program is practiced by people all over the world, with tremendous results. It is a fantastic and effective benchmark program, based on just two movements (swings and get-ups), that will greatly improve power, strength and work capacity. There are several goals that can be attained on the program, though it is also great to 'just practice' on a regular basis. You can track progress and results easily on S&S, and it will greatly improve your progress with our regular classes.

For more details on the S&S protocol and a list of very strong men and women who have achieved the "Sinister" goal in the program, visit:
As well, the program is available in the book form if you want to have it for your own library. (google or amazon search: "Kettlebell Simple & Sinister")