About Emma

Emma Borgstrom is a student at Temple University pursuing a degree in Kinesiology, and is driven by her passion to strengthen others’ relationships with food and exercise. 

After overcoming a long-term battle with an eating disorder, Emma discovered the empowering benefits of weightlifting and was determined to help others discover the transformational effects—mentally and physically—this type of training could offer. As she mentions in her blog that shares an intimate glimpse into her eating disorder recovery, “I became obsessed with feeling strong. I was listening to my body and my body was fueling me to meet my goals in response. I wanted to share this empowering feeling with everyone— this euphoric feeling that comes with working with your body and not against it.” (Check out her blog at for more!)

After a year of dedicated training and studying, Emma became certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She believes her personal struggles (and overcoming of those struggles) as well as her extensive knowledge in regards to all things nutrition and exercise, offer a unique, holistic training approach for her clients. 

You can book a personal training appt. with emma here (click the 'Appointments' link, and follow the prompts to 'Training w/Emma')

*Emma is an independent personal trainer - not a DKB staff member or StrongFirst certified kettlebell instructor.